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A Message from pastor Matt

A message from pastor matt
January 2024

Dear BUMC Family and Friends,


Last September you voted to establish the Single Board/Accountability Model of church governance. This single board of 12 members plus the pastor will replace the committee structure that has been in place for many decades and this change goes into effect on Jan. 1. During the months between the vote and now, your Nominating Committee has been busy identifying members for the new board. Four members of this board will rotate off each year to be replaced by new members, so if you have any interest in serving in that capacity, let me know. Let me now introduce them to you to the new board:



I honestly believe that adopting this new model and selecting our first Leadership Board is helping to breath new life into our church. Not only will having one board bring a new level of efficiency to our church administration, but we now will have a more broad and diverse group of church members making decisions on behalf of the congregation.

Efficiency is important, but it is not the primary benefit of this new system. The Leadership Board will focus on making important decisions regarding the administration of the church and on directing the congregation toward living into our established vision and mission. Our Mission is the same as the larger UMC: to make disciples for Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world. Our vision was established some years ago and is: Christ Community Connect. The new board will focus on creating an environment that enables and encourages this congregation to answer God’s call in their lives as we live out the mission and vision together. The board will not involve themselves in the daily and routine activities of individual programs.

And so, if you feel the Holy Spirit nudging you toward some specific ministry, mission or program, let Pastor Matt or someone on the church staff know. If that thing already exists, we will help connect you with the people involved. If it is a new idea for a ministry, we will help you find the people and resources you need to establish the ministry within the context of our vision and mission.

On January 14 we will begin a sermon series to help all of us better understand our new form of church governance and what it means to us as a congregation and as individual Christians. This is indeed an exciting and dynamic time for our congregation!


Blessings to All,


Pastor Matt

Ron Chidsey

Carole Jones

Evert van Staden

Susan Lausch

Joel Mille

Cindy Kintop

Chuck Porter

Amy Weinmann

Mark Taylor

Julie Buttle

Bill Ruth

Janet Hartmann

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